Weekly Novel Recommendations: The Bookman’s Tale

16158563As a prelude to the upcoming Literary Adventures free PDF Guide I created, I’ve decided to begin my Weekly Novel Recommendations with The Bookman’s Tale.  What could be more fitting for a “novel adventure” than a novel about more novels?  It’s a bibliophile’s dream.

Nestled away in a musty bookstore in a small Southern Welsh village, Protagonist Peter Byerly discovers a photo of his deceased wife, Amanda.  It tumbles to the floor from cracked, musty pages, leaving Peter utterly perplexed, and igniting an obsession that renders his grieving for Amanda nearly hopeless.

Author Charlie Lovett’s experience working in an antiqutarian bookstore equipped him with an in-depth knowledge and expertise of the trade, which translates deftly across the page.

Beyond the book-within-a-book meta reading experience literature-lovers crave, The Bookman’s Tale appeals to a very human need – understanding loss.  The novel portrays the complete disruption we experience after losing a loved one with an understanding that feels almost too close at times.

My friend bought this book for me as a birthday present, and I specifically remember staying up all night reading.  It’s one of those stories.  Enjoy!

Oh, and I’ve been to that tiny Welsh village.  Stay tuned for the upcoming Literary Adventures Guide for more details!


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