Weekly Novel Recommendations: Around the World in 80 Drawings

51K5qXEXyDLFor a bit of a different twist (I told you guys I’d mix it up) I’d like to recommend Around the World in 80 Drawings: let your pencil lead you on an amazing journey with tips and inspiration along the way by A. S. House.

I just received this book in the mail today, and my evening quickly turned into a quiet hour of tea and reading.  Unlike the novels I normally promote, this little wonder caters to your creative side.  In 160 pages, it contains 80 sketches of world-famous sites, interesting tidbits about these historically fascinating destinations, space to create your own masterpiece, and sketching tips.  It’s ideal for the creative traveler or wanderlust-afflicted artist; you could either tuck it into your carry-on for a worldwide adventure, or curl up in front of your home fireplace and journey across the world through art.

And remember, the book allows for expression and creativity.  You need not be an artist to create art.  Personally, I’m mediocre at best and I find it difficult to sketch from real life.  However, with a sketch in front of me, the process seems a little easier.  This book caters perfectly to people like me, providing a nice sketch of the monument next to your free drawing space.

Author A.S. House clearly put in a lot of effort and love into this creative sketch book.

If you have any artists in the family be sure to check it out!

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