Novel Recommendations: The Holiday Special

10401499_10152959839984187_5530545578593779500_nWhew!  Apologies for the radio silence, everyone.  This week has been almost comically difficult.  I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital the night after my dog died, and haven’t been quite as on top of my writing as I’d like. However, I wanted to at least write my novel recommendation series, particularly for any of you who are struggling for a last minute Christmas gift.

Given the narcotics, post-surgery swelling, and blustery winds outside, I’m recommending an old favorite: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Whether you’re surrounded by soft snow or city slush, this childhood story could be the perfect remedy to the winter blues.  Even if you’ve read it, C.S. Lewis created a fairy tale in which one can always escape.  Curl up in front of the fire, sip some hot chocolate, and enjoy a true classic.

Who else remembers exploring new places as a kid, waiting and hoping to stumble into another land through magical wardrobes?  Or perhaps find Mrs. Weasley’s leftover floo powder?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly enjoy reading new books around Christmas, especially if I’m sick.  I’d much rather return to an old favorite.  And for right now, as my body processes these pain killers, that means exploring the wintery trails of Narnia with Mr. Tumnus.

What about you?  What books are you planning on reading over the holidays?

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