Dancing with Death

I’m currently revising this book with my agent and am excited to share more news with you in the future! For now, here’s an aesthetic and first page.

First Page:


Fear was a forgotten thing, for people who still knew how to feel. But this…

What they’d done…

I shivered.

I hadn’t lived in fear since escaping prison, crossing the forsaken wilderness across kingdoms and seas.

My journey to safety had been terrifying. This was worse.

A late summer breeze caressed my skin. Sailboats engraved with the Kingdom of Love’s insignia, a dove clutching holly in its beak, bobbed on the horizon, the noises of revelry muffled from my rocky hilltop. People rarely found me here. I liked it that way.

Even from a distance, I could almost smell fear in the visiting soldiers’ blood as they gazed upon the great winged lions circling our city. The lions were ever watchful of the looming sea, protecting their people as they’d done for centuries. They’d never once attacked a citizen, and still, the foreigners balked.

A lioness caught my eye. Sasha. Though she was among the clouds, her wings sweeping across the periwinkle dusk, I knew she could see me. She’d been imprisoned nearly longer than I had, and though we were both now free, I knew she felt it, too—that flicker, that recognition of fear for the first time in months, as the news of the Kingdom of Death’s decimation burned the hearts of citizens across our city. Vendors selling their latest inventions—clocks that read stars, bowls that calculated temperatures—mingled amongst the Kingdom of Love celebrators, their faces pale, lips drawn, as the shock of Death’s annihilation reverberated through the world, and seeped into our very skin, poisoning from the inside out.

The Kingdom of Love didn’t know what they’d truly done.

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