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Alex began blogging September 2013 when she moved from Milwaukee, WI to the glamorous city of Paris. There, she taught French children how to pronounce the “th” sound.  (You have to stick your tongue out a lot. The kids loved it).

She’s currently based in London writing a book for her master’s in creative non-fiction writing, as well as an upper middle grade fantasy novel.

You’ll most likely find her in cafes drinking too much coffee and blogging about: living abroad, life in London, all things French, surviving relationships abroad, and book lovin’ travel destinations related to her favorite authors and story characters! If Jane Austen was there, she’ll follow. Harry Potter? Just a Firebolt ride away.

She has juggled many colorful hats, including writer, PR assistant, French translator, assistant editor, social media specialist, and website manager. For more samples of her writing, check out her portfolio,  as well as her award winning story, The Allure of a Parisian Romance. 

Feel free to contact her! Don’t be shy, she loves collaborating with new people and companies, as well as just a friendly chat.


Merci et bon voyage, mon chéri!

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Still interested? Here’s the full story

Leaving for London

It begins and ends with a book.

My life-long love affair with reading has made me both a writer and a traveler.

As a kid, I used to break my glasses from falling asleep with my face stuck to the chocolate-smudged pages of Harry Potter.  I went through many pairs of glasses.

When my parents would read Madeline as a bedtime story, I’d pretend I was a little girl in a yellow hat with appendicitis, living in Paris. Well let me tell you, when I finally did get my appendix removed nearly 20 years later, nobody gave me a yellow hat, and I wasn’t anywhere near the Eiffel Tower, so be careful what you wish for.

But I digress.

Images of French châteaux and vineyards, planes and trains, colored my imagination for years.

And one day, I realized I had spent most of my life with my nose in a book.  Two decades of reading every story I could find created a deep, unsettling need to travel, and explore the world for myself.

So after graduating from college, I moved to Paris.

Living in Paris was a time of love and fragmented beauty. Tucked away in a chambre de bonne so tiny I could touch both walls with outstretched arms, I wrote.

I also drank wine and attempted to laugh off the bizarre Parisian dating scene with my best friends (but really, so bizarre). And thus, Bon Voyage, Mon Chéri was born.


Why Bon Voyage, Mon Chéri?

Bon voyage, mon chéri translates to, “Have a good trip, my dear.”  It’s a reminder to myself to find joy regardless of what goes wrong while traveling.

And for everyone who dreams of traveling, I hope that you too can one day pack a bag – for a weekend or a year – and have your own adventure.

And I hope you have a wonderful time.

Where are you now?

London! One of my favorite cities in the world.

Since my days teaching English in Paris, I’ve continued exploring and searching for places that my favorite authors and characters once visited.

And now, I’m armed with a book, a dream, and a little bit of hope. So this time, now that I’ve returned to Europe, I’m attending a masters program for creative non-fiction writing in London. At long last, I’m writing a book.


Where should I start?

For other samples of my writing, you can head on over to my Portfolio.

If you’re new to the blog, you could read my yearly wrap-up here, as well as some of my personal favorites below.


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And if you ever discover the cure for the travel bug, please keep it far, far away from me.

Bon voyage, mon chéri!