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Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in London

A salacious night of red lipstick and jazz, furs and garter belts, fedoras and army jackets: we were in London to celebrate the New Year – and it was 1940. The Blitz. If you’re unsure of where to celebrate New Year’s Eve for the whopping 2015, dance your way back to the 1940’s at the…


Rules for Romance Abroad

When I finally pulled myself into my last taxi ride to Charles de Gaulle, puffy-eyed and disheveled, my driver asked if the person kissing me goodbye was my husband.  Ha! Nope.  A large crowd of nearby tourists had begun flashing pictures of the tearful goodbye as well, adding to the absurd publicity of the moment.  To…


Visiting the Globe Theatre (and being mocked)

Around a year ago I was preparing for my visit to London.  And by preparing, I mean neglecting to find a hotel until a week before arriving.  More on how to celebrate (and how not to celebrate) New Years in London soon, but first, a little story about my “first time” – a  first time…


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This morning I awoke to an email from fellow blogger As Told by Dana informing me of my nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. First of all, a quick shout out to this fantastic writer.  I’ve been following her adventures through France for a while now, and although we’ve never met, there’s a shared bond over…


Weekly Novel Recommendations: Around the World in 80 Drawings

For a bit of a different twist (I told you guys I’d mix it up) I’d like to recommend Around the World in 80 Drawings: let your pencil lead you on an amazing journey with tips and inspiration along the way by A. S. House. I just received this book in the mail today, and my evening…


Adventures in Ottawa – the city that woke me up

I have a Christmas card from last year signed: “Here’s to a lovely 2014 – X” I’ve had lovely moments this year.  I’ve been unbelievably fortunate and have collected some of the most rewarding, happiest moments of my life. 2014 has also been a year of confrontation.  Confronting the inner deamons that possess us all,…


The Most Difficult Part of Living Abroad

I’ve written before about romance abroad – Paris particularly has a reputation for its romantic allure. But honestly, making friends – and then leaving them behind – is the most difficult part of living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Whether you just moved away from college, moved home after college, or met someone in a foreign city,…


Weekly Novel Recommendations: Here Be Dragons

Continuing my Weekly Novel Recommendation series, it’s time to share a little love for everything ever written by Sharon Kay Penman.  Her historical fiction novels give the sense that Penman herself has experienced the troubled times of Richard the Lionheart.   Even if you don’t particularly enjoy historical fiction, Penman writes very human novels with…


Weekly Novel Recommendations: The Bookman’s Tale

As a prelude to the upcoming Literary Adventures free PDF Guide I created, I’ve decided to begin my Weekly Novel Recommendations with The Bookman’s Tale.  What could be more fitting for a “novel adventure” than a novel about more novels?  It’s a bibliophile’s dream. Nestled away in a musty bookstore in a small Southern Welsh village, Protagonist Peter…


“But this is Ottawa” – Two Days After the Parliament Shooting

October 22, 2014, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier on ceremonial sentry duty at the Canadian National War Memorial. My flight to Ottawa was for October 23rd. I had planned my trip to Canada’s capital about a month before this unexpected attack. At first, as the country panicked, my parents almost…