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Halloween in France: what do the French really think?

My French Life Article It’s that time of year again. Autumn leaves are casting much of the world in an orange and golden haze, children are dreaming of costumes, and parents are buying candy bags in bulk. Well, at least in some parts of the world… Continue reading


Where to go Instead of Versailles

My little French secret? Versailles isn’t worth it. When all the tourists pour into the golden castle of our history text books, they leave ample space in Chantilly for me, and now you. Lured by the promise of a fairytale-esque moat and sparse tourists, my mom and I visited Chantilly with high hopes.  Located just…


The Most Beautiful Village in England

William Morris allegedly described Bibury as “the most beautiful village in England.” That’s quite the statement, Mr. Morris. While living abroad in London, I took day trips to Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, and Stratford-upon-Avon, all of which I recommend.  And yet, I didn’t travel to the tiny English village in the Cotswolds. An endorsement as indulgent…


In Defense of Women: Solo Female Travel

“I am a journalist and a ‘new woman’ if that means that I believe I can do anything a man can do” – Annie Londonderry, the first woman to bicycle around the world As a solo female traveler, I’ve proudly taken the stand that women can and should travel wherever they damn well please. When…

Books Abroad

Our Never-Ending Quest to Understand the French

France and I have a complicated relationship.  In true French fashion, our love affair is passionate, mysterious, and unpredictable. Never easy. Never calm. But rewarding. In the past six years, France and I have dealt with an abusive exchange family, a stalker, a drug-addicted exchange sister, broken suitcases and broken hearts in airports, with the…

Traveling to the New and the Old

Traveling is a flirtatious dance.  We discover tidbits about our dancing partners in the brief whirls and twirls, only to move on to the next, just as we unearth secrets about our favorite new places, only to smile, wave, and move on to the next adventure.  Sometimes though, certain places stay with you.  They’re the…


Secrets of the Sea: A Pilgrimage to Mont Saint Michel

I showed up near Mont Saint Michel with nothing but a hastily written address on a crumpled napkin.  It was quite the itinerary.  Once my bus dropped me off in northern France, I slowly wandered over to the nearest information center.  I hadn’t a clue how to find my hotel, but I knew the name,…

Pigeons and Sink Showers in your Paris Apartment

Is it a sink or is it a shower?  A bed or a desk chair?  And is the window even capable of closing? Ahh, I see, you’re living in a chambre de bonne. The “joys” of Parisian living, right? Or more accurately, the joys of Parisian living in your 20’s. Once you’ve found your apartment,…


When I Loved Bordeaux

I never went back to Bordeaux. I never went back to one of the most beautiful regions of France. After living there junior year of high school, I promised myself I’d never return to France, let alone the southern corner I called home for too long. In my absence, Bordeaux has fared just fine without…


Marrakech: A City of Your Nightmares and Dreams

A glance was all it took. They could violate you with nothing but their eyes. And as we strolled past, the sun turning our pale skin pink, I could feel them peeling off my sweater in their minds. It felt like peeling off parts of my skin. I haven’t been able to write about Marrakech,…