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Arthur's Seat

Hiking Arthur’s Seat (and almost getting blown off)

I almost got blown off an extinct volcano the other day. Really though. But I wouldn’t trade Edinburgh’s plentiful natural scene for anything – even a sense of stability while hiking through enormous gusts of wind. When I was twelve and planning on moving to Edinburgh (lofty dreams, I know), I wrote in my journal…

Leith port

A Weightless Day in Leith

Seagulls perch atop Edinburgh’s church spires and statues, their cries an ever-present reminder of the nearby North Sea.  They flutter under the whites and purples and greys of the sky towards Leith and beyond, beckoning people with their promise of saltwater, fresh seafood, and the quiet unearthliness of the Scottish harbor. Now, the Leithians of…


Edinburgh – First Impressions

When I spoke of traveling to Edinburgh, people either responded with quizzical expressions and polite smiles, or unbridled enthusiasm.  Apart from simply not understanding my decision to work remotely, or that I don’t consider this a vacation, some actually asked why I chose Edinburgh over its neighbor across the sea, Dublin, or why Scotland instead…

deux magots

Paris Guide: Literary Destinations

Greetings from Dublin! I’ll be leaving for Scotland soon, but first I thought I’d take advantage of a long layover and sample one of the city’s lovely bookshops.  Whilst sitting here, attempting to caffeine my way back to life, I thought there could be no better way to temporarily conclude my Paris Guide series than…

Delicious food

Paris Guide: Where to Eat (a different kind of love affair)

Once, in Paris, my friend and I got into an argument.  It was his fault (honestly though).  The next time I saw him, he just plopped a little bakery bag into my hand and waited.  Inside, delicious and tempting, was un pain aux amandes, just for me. “Are we okay?” he asked. He had discovered…


Favorite Books to Read While Traveling

I love looking at a book as a simple object.  Nothing but pages, letters, and ink, and numbers marking an abstract progression.  And suddenly, seconds later, the meaningless paper and ink are making you cry, or laugh, think or dream.  It’s one of my favorite phenomenons – one I still smile at no matter how…


Traveling Back to Scotland

My first night in Scotland, I looked out at the Edinburgh Castle and felt suddenly, inexplicably, at home. “Okay, so I’m moving here,” I told my sleepy little brother. He threw a pillow at my face and told me to go to sleep. That was ten years ago. Nearly everyone I meet has one particular…

Unless you're Blair Waldorf

Paris Guide: Where to Shop

Parisian Shopping – On a Budget Rue de Rivoli (métro: Châtelet) Rue de Rivoli features larger brands such as Zara and H&M.  While not necessarily the most luxurious in Paris, it’s an enjoyable shopping experience—just avoid it on sunny Saturday afternoons, when you’ll find every teenager in Paris. A couple examples of shops I’d often frequent…


Lessons Learned Living Abroad – from drug addicts to Parisian nights, and everything in between

It’s time to dispel the myth that living abroad is somehow the pinnacle of the perfect college experience or gap year.  It won’t be pleasant all the time.  You’ll most likely be a little broke.  Maybe even a little broken.  And you will be immensely challenged.  But it can be a rewarding experience in which…


Paris Guide: Which Typical Tourist Attractions to Visit (and avoid)

As promised, I’m introducing a mini Paris Guide Series to highlight cultural advice and any tips I picked up on while living there for a year (and after living in France for two years).  For any fellow TAPIF-ers, or simply for tourists stopping by, I hope you truly experience Paris and all its quirks; it’s a…

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