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Why Move to London?

Whoo! Apologies for the radio silence, everyone. This past month has been nothing short of insane. Between farewell parties and sorting through everything I own into Store, Sell, and Pack piles, my life has felt like a deck of cards flung into the air. And soon, everything will change. I arrive in London exactly one…

london phone

London Calling: My Fears and Hopes Moving to My New City

Last night, I visited my friend Laura for the last time before she moves to Rwanda. Most of her belongings had been packed away, and the late-night summer heat had all seemed to settle in her apartment. We dragged her mattress – the one remaining item of furniture – into the living room, where we…

notre dame

Paris is Always a Good Idea, Even If Only For un Week-end

Is it weird that reading my own blog post on Paris left me feeling nostalgic the other night? It feels like some bizarre form of narcissism. But, well, there you have it. I’ve already described what I miss the most about living in France, but with grad school approaching, I won’t call Paris home again…

Cabo boat

Finding Paradise in Cabo

I was hot, sweaty, sore, and my foot had swollen twice its usual size after stepping on a bee. My dad handed me his cup. “Here,” he offered, “have some water.” I chugged it, only realizing it was vodka after three shots-worth. He snickered at his prank and waited for me to pass out from…


What If You’re Afraid to Travel?

I can’t believe it’s been a month since the last time I blogged! I’ve thought about it. Tried to write. But since halfway through May, I’ve been incredibly busy. I visited my best friend in Ottawa, attended my cousin’s wedding in Cabo, my boyfriend visited from Edinburgh, my brother graduated high school, and to top…

Not knowing what's going on

I May Speak French But I’ll Never Speak Scottish

A demonstration of the importance of local lingo: Scottish Man: Show me your puppies. Me: Well, okay… Flips through photos of my adorable puppies.   Me: Aren’t they cute? Scottish Man: Rolls eyes and laughs.  Your dogs are cute but I meant your boobs. Why didn’t anyone tell me that puppies means boobs?  So this…

paris sunset

Why I’ll Always Return to Paris

You can never return to another time in your life.  Not the way you imagined it, not the way you hoped.  Most of you probably have memories in which you were a different person, living a life unrecognizable from your current path. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it just is, and I believe our…

drinks - Leeds

But actually, what are you doing with your life?

I’m traveling! And writing!  Right, so, that actually wasn’t much of a surprise. Proclaiming it feels a little different this time, though.  I’ve always inexplicably understood that I need to write, and I need to see the world – discover new places, taste new foods, watch Turkey disappear from the tenuous confines of a hot…


Leaving A Place You Love Behind

I didn’t cry when I left Scotland. That may not sound like an accomplishment to you, but given the fact that I cried while watching an old episode of One Tree Hill the other night (don’t judge me), I was shocked at my own unemotional goodbye. When I left Paris, my former home, I sniffled…

elephant house

Chasing Stories in Edinburgh

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m kind of in love with books.  I will be the first person to tell you that you can appreciate the wonderment of stories without leaving your bed, couch, or if you’re lucky, window seat.  The worlds of Harry Potter and Wuthering Heights can materialize before your eyes no…

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